Monday, February 9, 2009

Syracuse Slackers -No More

I'll be the first to admit that I am most to blame for the blog slackage. I appreciate all of you who have kept it up and even though I haven't written for a long long time, whenever I get the chance I love to check it to see how everyone is doing.

Everybody here is doing good. Nathan is busy with work and church and planning commission. I keep busy with the kids. The kids keep busy just being busy cuz that's what kids do. :0) The kids have been off track from school for the last 3 weeks and go back today. yea! We are all excited. It was kind of a long 3 weeks with the a couple of weeks of inversion haze, so the kids had to hang out inside a lot of the time. It is snowing right this moment with about 2-3 inches on the ground - a reminder that it's still winter - but I'll take the snow rather than the haze any day.

Dallin has been playing Jr. Jazz basketball and is getting better with every game. He loves scouts. He is still taking piano lessons. Nathan has his cell phone alarm set to "The Entertainer" and after Dallin heard it he wanted to learn it, so for a while he would play it by ear. I found him some sheet music, so he is working on a page every week with his piano teacher and soon I know he'll have it down. He has picked up the Narnia series and is blowing through book every 2 days or so. His main interest of Star Wars has kind of fizzled for now and has been replaced by anything wii. We love how he comes to us everyday and says,"What is my work for the day?" "Look I'm dressed and ready." "I practiced piano without anyone asking me!" "Now can I play the Wii?" Happy to give him a little wii time everyday if this keeps up. :0)

Emma is a social bug. She always has a friend over, or is over at a friend's house, or is asking to to play with a friend. I think she needs a sister. (Don't worry Nathan. I don't mean right away.) :0) She loves kindergarten and has really gotten confident in her art work. She loves her baby brother and thinks he's hilarious. She's going to be a great babysitter some day. (She already is.)

Logan keeps us rolling all the time. He is such a little monkey. He is going to Joy School twice a week and every day asks, "Do I have school today?" He is so funny. Last night I said something at the dinner table and Nathan turned to Logan and said, in chinese, something to the effect of "Your Mama is crazy" without a beat, Logan responded, "Chung." He loves to follow his big brother and sister around and loves any wii time he can get.

Porter is growing like crazy. It seems that since we were in Colorado for Thanksgiving, he just has matured and has realized what life is all about. He was pretty laid back for a good while, but suddenly he has turned into a boy with a temper and a 'tude. He's going through the,"I want my Mama, now!" stage and screams until he gets his way. I've tried for a long time to get him to crawl, but every time I put him on his belly, he struggles for a sec, and then puts his head down in defeat and cries. He finally is at least is trying to move. The kids like to place a trail of cheerios on the floor in front of him , and he kind of pulls himself along on his belly. His walker is his favorite mode of transportation, (which is probably why he has little patience for trying to crawl), and Logan loves to take rides on the back. He likes to entertain us at the dinner table by pulling all sorts of silly faces.

cute and happy

"I brought my angry eyes, just in case."

silly "Ohhhh" face

His babblings include ,"Mama!" especially when he's mad, "Yes" which we think means, "light" and "Na na na na," - also when he is mad.

Anyways, that's what's going on here. Hope all is well for you all!


Carrie said...

Awww!! CUTE! I know I see you guys and the kids more than the rest of the family (lucky me, I know!) but it was still fun to hear what all the kids are up to and what's going on.

Love you guys! Thanks for the update!!

Carrie said...

Okay, okay...I had to comment again. Porter's "angry eyes" picture CRACKS ME UP!! It reminds me of the similar face he pulls when we turn the lights on and off simultaneously as we blow, and he looks at you and then the lights like, "Something's going on here..." And Logan's picture...such a typical silly Logan face! Love it!

Emma and Dallin are getting so grown up. Good-looking kiddies!

Darcey said...

HAHAHAHA love Porter's angry face and silly face!!!

Marti said...

Such a bunch of cutie pies! Great pics and stories to go with it. Glad to "see" you all! Thanks for sharing!!