Saturday, February 28, 2009

The first addition to MY family...

As you all know by now, I finally got what I've been waiting years and years to have. I've been planning on getting a puppy for a long time, and while I was planning to find that special little companion later in the year, it happened sooner than I thought. It was something that I even prayed about, that I would find the right companion, because while some of you may not see it the way I do, it was something important to me.

After just a few days with 6 week old Mia (pronounced Mee-ya) she's perfect. She has the sweetest little temperament and tender heart, but will also act as though she is fierce and fiesty (after she's had a nice long nap). :)

She goes everywhere with me except for work, in which I come to see her and play with her and make sure she's eating enough and clean up whatever messes she ends up making. She's teeny tiny, I just found out at the vet today that she weighs just a few ounces over two pounds. Her mom and dad are no more than 5 lbs each, so she'll stay pretty little. I call her a Chidoxie - Chihuahua/Dachsund mix. Ironically enough, I've liked certain characteristics in both breeds, but haven't found one that I felt drawn to like I did with little Mia: she's got the best of both worlds!

She follows me everywhere. If I am getting ready for work in the bathroom, she's playing near my feet. If I walk down the hall to the kitchen, she scurries on her tiny paws, skidding across the floor, until she catches up to me. She knew her name within a few hours of me deciding what to call her. Even now, as I'm writing this, she made her way into my lap, curled up with her head resting on my arm. She's my wittle baby! She loves to sleep, run under the couch and ottoman and jump out from underneath as if to surprise me, play with her toys, and above all, she's a snuggler!

And yes...I've lost sleep getting up in the night to take her out, she's had accident after accident in the house...but she's learning fast, and doing better day by day. And yes, she's work. But I love every minute of it.

I brought her up to Nathan's today to visit the kids, and she didn't have one accident in the house. I was so proud! :) Emma loved her lots, and Logan wasn't as afraid of her as he is with most dogs (as I've heard). Even Porter cracked a smile when Mia was near enough for him to pet. A baby and a puppy? What's cuter than THAT?? :)


Darcey said...

Cute, precious Mia! Love her! Can't wait to meet her! Keep the pics coming!

FRED said...

M-M-M-M-Mia (like ch-ch-ch-ch Chia [chia pet])

Way cute. Thanks for bringing her up to visit!