Sunday, August 10, 2008


tomorrow me and Emma is starting school. Emma will be in grade k. i will be in grade 2.
she is exited but i am nervous.she will get miss Morton.i well get Mrs.roper. she doesn't give out homework. bye


Marti said...

Hey, Dallin & Emma,
Yea for school! I hope you have fun, Emma. Kindergarten is GREAT!!

I'm going to school too. Dallin, I'm going to be in second grade again at the beginning of this year, until November. Maybe you could give me some pointers, in case I've forgotten, about 2nd graders. I'm not quite as excited as you are, but I'm nervous too. Do you think the kids will like me?

dallin said...

im sure they will.

Carrie said...

No homework? How'd you luck out??