Monday, August 11, 2008

Nope, I'm Not Preggo!

Mah ha! I TOTALLY got you guys! See, Mom posted some "info" below that I had some exciting news, and I think I pretty much told you all (I couldn't wait to post it on the blog you know) but I 'spose I gotsta make it official!

I locked myself up in my condo Friday night with my Utah Mortgage Lender study guide and some Thai take-out from my fav restaurant, snuggled in my bed, and read...and took notes...and read, and reviewed...and remembered the one reason I didn't really want to go back to school as I sat there studying and racking my brain to rememember every minute detail that was contained in the 35 pages of information that lay in front of me. I had reviewed the information many times during work when I had a little down time, however, I never really "studied" until Friday night. What? I do better under pressure. :)

Saturday morning, I awoke six hours later from when I passed out in my bed exhausted, my brain aching from staring at the pages of the manual. I got up, got ready, and made my way over to the office to finish reviewing and studying and take some practice tests online. These tests I had attempted prior to the test day, and I had completed them below 80%...which is not passing by industry standards. So I felt much relief when I began answering the questions, and finished all five practice tests with a score above 80% (passing! woot woot!)

I was still nervous when I arrived at the test center. I had to put all of my personal items into a locker, sign some documents, have my picture taken, and even have them investigate my sweater I had in hand (I brought it despite the 100 degree summer weather we've been having outside in case it was freezing in the testing center...which it was). After practically being patted down (okay, not THAT bad, but still...) I went into the testing center to take the test. DUN DUN DUN!

The first section was in regards to federal law, which I felt I knew fairly well. After answering all 80 questions, I went through and reviewed each one again before submitting it. Next, the Utah state law section, which I had been warned by pretty much everyone who's ever taken the test that it's the most difficult part. I was unnerved by this, because it seemed to be the EASY part. I again went through each question before submitting it.

Having finished before everyone else in the test center and another hour and a half left of time remaining to take the test, I figured there was nothing more I could've done, so I stepped outside of the testing center for the moment of truth, and....I had passed! Oh sweet relief! After getting my fingerprints taken (which took FOREVER! The lady was older and had to use a computer for the digital fingerprinting, and it took her a long time to figure it out, even with me guiding her through it...) and signing some more documents, I walked out into the bright sunshine, official documents in hand, got in my car and....called my momma! :)

So now what? Well, I send a check in for $170 with my paperwork, they send me my license and....we'll go from there. But I'm well on my way to making some more money. Heck. Yes. Nathan, is that DISNEYLAND calling...? Lol.

Love y'all!

Not a fantastic picture, but you get the idea. Plus, NOT a good picture they took of me. Yikes!


Darcey said...

You lookin' a little like Beyonce in that pic! Sweet!

Marti said...

You look excitedly happy (and maybe a little relieved!?) in your picture. Yea for you!! Congrats, again.

Carrie said...

How could I look relieved?!? They took this picture PRIOR to the test! More like ANXIOUS! :)

noremac40 said...

You look like a FREAK!