Sunday, February 17, 2008

10th Mountain Hut Snowshoe trip

Last week I enjoyed snowshoeing near Leadville. Randy Baker came with me on Thursday night and we braved I-70 in a blinding snowstrom but made it OK. We stayed that night in Leadville and then hiked in about 5 miles to one of the 10th Mt. Hut Huts. Really a very nice cabin at 11,300 ft and near the continental divide.

Does anyone know where the 10th Mountain Division is (origin of the huts)?

There were 16 people (you need that many to pay for it) in the group and we took turns doing the cooking. Accomodations were Ok, with one cooking and one heating stove. The bunk rooms were not heated and there was a really cool, no make that a down right frozen outhouse.

There's been lot's of snow this year and the depth at the cabin was as much as 5-7 ft. Yeah, you wouldn't want to try to hike in this time of the year without snow shoes.