Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This blog needs PICTURES!

Admittedly I stole these pics from some of you... but I am graciously posting them so you don't have to:

Grandma and dad about to go jetski Ca-RaZy!

The youngest - and arguably most adorable - member of the clan

Yeah, we know how to partay!

The Natch Miller clan!

You guys think you're so tough, mang!

Christmas noshing at the Miller home!

Riding in Natch's funmobile!


FRED said...


darcey said...

I'm a nice thief!

noremac40 said...
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noremac40 said...

There needs to be more pics of me!!! Put more pics of me on here dang it!!!!

Marti said...

Hey, Cam, Put more pics up yourself!!! Come on, get with the program!

Marti said...

Oh, and very nice pics. Thanks always goes to the "poster person"!!