Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mom's on, she thinks

Okay, I think I'm blogging. You'll have to let me know. I not sure I will even know how to get back here, so PLEASE hold my hand.

Who started"Miller*time anyway? Cool idea. Do all the Miller Kids know of this? (Am I the last techno-challenged person?) I am guessing Darcey sent me this link, cause I mentioned that we needed a way to communicate with everyone.

My only news is that Dad & I will be leaving for Maine on Monday, 24 Sept. and returning on late Thursday, 04 Oct. I'll have my cell, and hopefully we'll get some great pics, and I can TRY to put them up. But, I am truly techno-challenged, so don't hold your breath too long.
Bye for now.


noremac40 said...

I held my breath and just passed out...luckly I came to, and when I did I had a vision....a vision of the Flux-Capacitor, it's what makes time travel possiable...WOW I better quit holding my breath!!!