Tuesday, May 3, 2011

4/30/2011: Britany and Cameron get married

Here's what happened this past weekend.  I know, Cameron, it's not how you would do it. 
So tell me what you'd like to see and I'll work on in my spare time (Means may or may not happen).
Thanks for the pics of yours I used Nathan - Yes, I know, I infringed on your copyright.  Get over it!

See the fun!
(Apparently YouTube didn't like my music and turned off the audio.  Usually they just slap my hands for a copyright infringement, but I guess Michael Buble doens't like that. I did swap in some youtube friendly music, but it ain't as good.
I do have a DVD version available with the music.  Who wants a copy?)

Bros advice to Cam


noremac40 said...

Thanks Dad!! Looks good though it would be great to hear the soundtrack. (I don't think there is an authorized version of those songs available-I already checked). You may be able to upload the video straight to blogspot and get the sound to work...but thank you, thats as close to a wedding video as this wedding videographer could ask for! Love you!

Darcey said...

A tip that may or may not work: I prefer to upload videos to Vimeo instead of YouTube - they seem less public that way (you can even make them password protected so only those with a password can view them). You might even be able to use some of those copyrighted songs if you upload to Vimeo. :)