Thursday, December 9, 2010

Savannah & Abigal's Thanksgiving

Another good visit has come to an end..... 2 weeks, 2600 miles 5 states 38 traveling hours and one Wyoming speeding ticket (43 in a 35 along I-80 on semi snowy roads, go figure) and a lot of good memories made!
I'm happy to report that by the end of the visit, Abigail was no longer in Pull-ups, and was back to doing #2's in the toilet like we were doing with Daddy over the Summer! (Let's hope it stays that way this time)!
Both girls are growing in mind and body. Abigail is just a hair shorter than Savannah and weighs in at 42.6 lbs (I know, I know, shouldn't be giving out a girls weight but this is partly for the record so I don't forget). Savannah is the lightweight at 36.8lbs. Savannah is the ring leader in all things but is always sure to volunteer Abigail for any task or activity she does not want to be the first to try. Abigail will normally go along with it, she seems to have a lot of trust in her older sister.
They are both very sweet girls but show their emotions in different ways. Abigail will give hugs and kisses out of the blue while saying "my daddy, I wove you daddy." Savannah is always telling me about times we've shared in the past (very scary what she remember and how well she articulates it) and follow it up with, "...because you love me?" Savannah is very tenderhearted and goes to pieces if Daddy gets onto her. Abigail on the other hand, will normally give a look and run off finding a corner to hide in until Daddy comes to find her to make it better.
They are both very active and are non-stop from dawn to dusk and late into the night. Wait until you see the dance videos....
In backwards order, here is picture summary of all our fun times together.
Can you believe I let them ride shotgun? Common people, it's still a free country and they put the seat belt on without suggestion or help! Hey were did the Supergirl Tattoos come from?

Santa Cookies!!! Can you tell which ones Abigail was decorating?

Love riding our bikes....and getting to big for them. Abigail's helmet is too small for her.

Elvis is in the house!

How many Elvis' are there anyway?

Such a girl. Uncle Matt was using the bathroom at this time, after finding the door locked Savannah came in the to front room with had on hip saying, "Dad, isn't there another mirror around here?" She laughed when I pointed to the one in the kitchen, she then moved a chair in place, climbed up and began to apply her "make-up." When she was done she flipped her hair back saying, "there, now I look pretty for church!" Abigail of course had to do the same thing.

Rest stop in Kansas wearing our "team" for traveling. It just so happened OU and OSU were playing on this day. Though they look the same, Abigail is wearing an OU jersey, Savannah, OSU. They cause quite a stir in public. I don't think we've gone anywhere, including this rest area without someone asking if they are twins and commenting on how cute they are!

Silly girls while out "wish-list shopping!"

They're so young and yet the "PAPA(razzi)" still seems to follow them wherever they go!

Awwww, Papa playing horsey at G-ma Great's house.


Darcey said...

Love all the pics and videos! Looks like everyone had a great time!