Sunday, February 7, 2010

On the Illuminati Trail...

In 1998 or 1999, while living in Logan, Grandpa Miller sat down with me, or rather I sat down with him to watch a sporting event on the television set. As we are all aware, he often made comments about the state of the world and our need to love each other and repent everyday of our lives so being a polite grandson I humored once again as he started talking. Little did I realize this conversation was going to be different, it was going to sit with me for a long time haunting my brain until I understood what he was getting at. Honestly I can’t recall the full transcript of that conversation, but the scene is seered in my memory and the main points I remember.

Having made myself comfortable in the rocker-recliner next to him in the TV room, grandpa started talking. As normal I listened to what was on the TV while making sure to throw out the occasional “uh-huh”, “yep” and “that makes sense” to play off that I was hearing what he said. At some point he stopped talking, took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. We’d been sitting together for about 5 minutes but it felt like 50. :) After putting his glasses back on he hit the mute button and letting out a loud yelp while folding up his recliner he leaned forward his eyes focused on the floor in front of him. I knew something was different, this wasn’t sounding like the normal conversation with grandpa.

After thanking me profusely for all the help I’d given he and grandma, and expressing his love and hope for me, he then expressed concern for the coming economic and political climate. In all sincerity and concern, he said that I needed to watch the future carefully because the “Gadiantions” had taken over the government years ago and we’d entered the time where the tyranny would reach deeper than history had ever seen. He was deeply concerned for the future of me and all his grandchildren. These wern't just words, it was an honest deep felt concern. In a moment of reflection He indicated that he had lived during a time of economic uncertainty but that it was nothing compared to the even greater depression that was still to come. He also talked about living in a literal hell during the war while describing the scenes of total destruction and the smell of death that was all around. That too he said was only a small taste of what he feared his grandchildren would experience. I don’t think I grasped what he was really trying to say, besides, in my little world of the late 90’s the world was mine and the future only looked bright, surly grandpa’s concern was just a reaction of whatever had just been broadcast on CSPAN earlier that day. Trying to convince myself that grandpa had lost his mind with all his rhetoric, deep down I was worried that he might actually be right. What I couldn’t quit thinking about was how he kept saying the gadiantons were already in control and will soon run everything and I needed to be aware of their actions.

During and after that conversation I apparently didn’t have the wherewithal to ask “who are the gadiantons and what are they really about?” The years after grandpa’s death I realized that I should have asked, but since I didn’t it was time to figure out who and what these people are; but were to start?

After facing the complete injustice of the family court system, and learning first hand its main purpose, its mission statement if it were to be posted: “To destroy any remaining pieces of a family, ensuring the maximum absence of the father, placing him in a state of complete financial ruin and the mother in a full socialistic welfare state.” This reality drove my inquiry as to who and why this so called Constitutional Republic government set up to give freedom and librty to ALL had failed me and so many others. This lead me to the “gadiantons” of whom grandpa spoke. Though I won’t complete a full discourse of it here, in part because it’s deep and there is much, most of it so unbelievable you’d probably think I’m making it up. So let me share with you a few things that show the “gadiantons” or whatever you want to call them are in fact hiding in plain sight. Oh, and to answer the question I never asked grandpa, we can call these people the “Illuminati”, though their influence has completely infiltrated every facet of life. News, government (the main vehicle), the military industrial complex, media, Hollywood and more, forcing us to believe the world is what we see on the “telescreen”. In fact we’ve all walked right past their evil signs and symbols at least a couple of times, probably unknowingly.

Yes its true, whether you choose to believe it or not, there is a dark shadowy draconian force working to pilfer liberty and freedom from your life, replacing it with control and slavery. Most conspiracy fact finders will tell you that the Illuminati with its many layers are working to enforce a complete control grid where every facet of your life will be under direction of the state. Don’t believe it? Wonder what that looks like? Study the Nazi regime and the tyranny they dealt to humanity and you’ll have just a small insight to what it’s all about. Oh, and I’m not just talking what happened to the Jews, what about Hitler’s brown shirts and youth brigades? You either served the system or died by it. Yes it’s happening here too, more and faster than you know and unless you know what it’s about you will, unknowingly become a part of it and serve it. I side with Patrick Henry who proclaimed, "give me liberty or give me death!" All evil is made to look reasonable on the surface.

Sadly, when sharing this information with a majority of Christian believers they insist that “the 2nd Coming will save us” or “we’ll all be raptured out of the evil.” Unfortunately, if this was true the evil that this earth has seen would have already triggered such events. It should then be concluded that such event will not happen until the depth of evil goes beyond our comprehension. Until then it is our duty to stop sucking our thumbs, not bury our heads in the sand, and stand up to it while we still can. The 2nd (peaceful) American revolution is beginning and we all need to be an informed force against the corruption.

Okay, so all that to show you that I’ve been on the trail of the Illuminati, in part to show you what I already know, and that it’s real....
During a 3 hour layover in Denver I decided to take a stroll to see what most people miss. Not sure if we are just that out of it or just in a hurry to get to our destination that we, the people overlook the strange anomaly's of the Denver Airport. And yes, these have been here since it was built in the 90's. Why did we need another airport in Denver? It was never clear. It was way over budget, way out of the way, and filled with some way weird stuff.
Wanna see?
Ever notice this guy? He sits overlooking the baggage area of the Denver airport. I'm not sure that he's a gargoyl made to look over your bags to keep them safe or what. Why is he sitting in a suitcase?

There are 4 very large murrals in the terminal building (the tent building). This is part of one of those. What is meant by this? Why is it part of a paining in an airport?

This is part of the same murral from above. At first glance this mural may look to be some sort of poster for "World Peace" but it's not clear. Is that a cub scout holding swoards wrapped in the US flag, what does it mean? My interpretation? Big government poses as "a helpful, kind, trusworthy boy scout" however, if you look under what they deliver its war, death and evil wraped in the cover of the "flag" or what we are all meant to know the USA to be.

How scary is this? Burning buildings, a dead child?

Ok, how about this. An armed Nazi with his sword about to go through the dove of peace? Destruction and death is all over this one...

Ok those were just the highlights of DIA, take a look next time your are there. What you won't see on the 53 square miles of airport property is the tens of thousands of square feet below the surface. Its rumored to be for government fallout, incarsaration, and who knows what else.

A couple weeks later I was in Georgia, it was a nice day so I took a drive. In the self-proclaimed "Granite Capital," Elberton County, on a small hill in the middle of the country side stands the "American Stonehendge" also known as the Gerogia Guidestones.

Can you read what this is about. You can always google it.

Obviously vandilized, here are the "commandments" of the Illuminati. The first one says "Maintain a world population of less than 500 million" Ok so what about the other 6.5 billion of us?

Trying to get perspective...

There are 8 sides of the stone with a capstop containing egyption hyroglyphics. On each of the 8 sides are the "commandment" etched in 8 different languages.

"Live Free or Die"
See I really was there--notice the concerned look on my face.
NOTE: By the way, written during the Super Bowl in an attempt to indicate how important this information is to everyone. Who's playing anyway???


Darcey said...

That's all super creepy but I believe you bro! So, what can we do about it other than prepare for the worst?

Carrie said...

That is crazy stuff...not crazy as insane but scary crazy. I seriously do not remember looking closely at those murals at DIA but next time I'm there I'll definitely be taking a closer look...makes you really wonder what kind of world we are living in.

Thanks for keeping us aware, and what CAN we do to be proactive?

Matt said...

Crazy creepy stuff, there really are those Gadianton warriors of today trying to gain that power over the people. One must always be ware.
BTW, about having a new airport, from an ATC standpoint, Stapleton during IMC could only use 1 runway because the city planners decided to put them too close together, that's why it was one of the worst airports to fly into or out of during IMC, just today my instructor was tell how he had to hold airplanes in the air for over an hour at a time before they could get down in those conditions. With DIA, now all runways are usable plus the ability to over double the number of runways and still use them during bad weather. The Terminal part, well that's something different.