Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi all. I do appreciate posts when they show up, and I know we are all busy with so much stuff, but this will die if we don't get stuff up. Many of us are rather slow (or non-existant) I'm sorry to say, so you bloggers out there, let's get something up! I'm sure you all have some Christmas photos or stories to post.
Update on me: I'm working full time again till the end of the year, and not liking it :( It's a tough class (2nd grade) and though I've done it before, it's a lot of work. Got parent-teacher conferences coming up (not bad except I don't get home before 9:00), report cards, testing, and on and on. Even at home, it's always on my mind. So I need some help: Any suggestions out there on how to "let it go"? Seeing what you are all doing helps! So please post. :)


Carrie said...

You can spend your free time at home gathering up wedding ideas. bahahahaha! ;)