Saturday, May 23, 2009

D&C in the BIG D! (During "Operation Transport Darcey")

Today I met up with Darcey after her long 1050 mile trip from Arizona to Dallas, Texas. She has 800 miles to go to get to Florida. We hung out and had some fun, here is some of the good times!

Standing in the place where JFK was blown away (right behind me). This is a bullet hole in the concrete that ricocheted or was a direct hit from the accross the street. (DOES NOT line up with the 6th floor window for I've seen it with my own eyes).

Playing in the bamboo patch at the Dallas Arboretum--Moving with archer-like swiftness....Me and my smokin' HOT sister exactly 1 week to the hour before she gets hitched!

A little story about Darcey's fish Prince Louie Esteban Diego II who had to stay behind in Arizona. (Sorry if the audio doesn't sync up right, but you'll get the point).


Marti said...

LOL!!!! I like your fishy story!
And thanks again for documenting important events in the lives of our family, in this case, the long cross-country journey of Darcey into her new life. Hmmm... symbolic, isn't it?!