Sunday, July 13, 2008


have you seen wall-e?this is the day we went to see wall-e. this is how it goes. it starts with a robot named wall-e.he has to make the earth back how it was.this movie takes 700 years ago.then a robot

named eva comes she tries to shoot him but he was to fast. so they became friends. but when he gave her a plant she took it and then shut down. wall-e tries to take care of her. then the ship comes back wall-e comes too. i will write the rest soon.


Marti said...

What silly children I see!! Silly, silly, silly!!
Thank you for the plot or story line of the movie Wall-e. I can't wait to see it, too.
What else are you doing this summer?

Carrie said...

Those were totally good times, Dallin. I miss you guys!!

dallin said...

you meen silly EXSITED kids