Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dad and mom in Great Britain

Hey, all! We are having a good time, but at an internet spot at the post office. Haven't heard from any of you. You can either post it here, or send an email to me at gmail, so we can hear what you are up to. No pictures, cause it's too hard to do it here.

We loved our quick tour through Scotland. Driving on the left was quite an experience. Luckily, dad did the driving and I did the directing. (Yeah, poor dad!) We didn't see the Loch Ness Monster, but Loch Ness and the drive were lovely, as was the drive through Glencoe back towards Edinburgh.

We stayed at a hotel on the Royal Mile and did a lot of walking. Saw the Edinburgh Castle, The Holyrood Palace and many, many other sights.

We are in the Lake District and spent the morning at a Sheep and Wool center, learning about sheep -- B-a-a-a-a-d! Wouldn't list it as a recommendation to others. Going on a 'walk' later, to a stone circle. Any wishes we could send up??!

Don't know when we'll get a chance to write again, but we need to know what you are up to!!

Love you lots,


noremac40 said...

Should have thrown Dad in Loch Ness Lake. That way He would have made quite the Monster....and, we could start calling him Nessy!!! That would have been awesome!!!