Sunday, May 4, 2008

Emma and Carrie visit

Emma and Carrie came to visit.
Emma loves cookies and is making her very own "Play Dough" variety.

I give up! This is the dumbest html editor I've ever seen! Can't put anything where I want it.
The above pictures are from Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins, CO.
Carrie had some trouble but finished - yeah!!! (only 2/3 of the starters made it to the finish line).
As you can tell Marti and Emma joined in the fun.
It's fun to have a few visitors.
The lake is warming up. Anyone coming to cool off on the jet skiis this summer?


Darcey said...

Sweet pics! Dad, you shouldn't use the html editor on her, you should use the "compose" tab and drag the pics up or down with your mouse. I think they're trying to make it user-friendly for everyone that doesn't know all your fancy computer languages, which makes it harder for those who do.

noremac40 said...

YA BABY!!! Way to go CARRIE!!! You run like the gingerbread man! =) So proud of you sis, I am so in awe of your sweet ability to run!

And Yes--Dad, I agree with Darcey. Way to blame it on the "HTML Editor" Hail all mighty computer programmer! Even Dallin gets his pics and words to line up!! But thanks for the post!! =)

Carrie said...

The goal is to run like the wind next time...we shall see, we shall see.

Hopefully training for the next one will commence next week when all soreness has subsided :)

Thanks for all the support everyone!

Carrie said...

P.S. I look like I'm on drugs in that picture....niiiiiiccce! :)