Saturday, March 15, 2008


My excuse for not blogging on here is that I actually have been busy, and I have another blog. :) Last night I went to the mountains with some friends. Tonight I went to a potluck. Elizabeth came to visit last week from Williamsburg, Virginia with her husband Brandon and baby Atticus. I've been waiting for her to post the pictures she took on her blog so I can steal them and blog about our fun times. I would've taken pics but she has a super-nice camera and better camera skizzills than me, so I left that up to her. Here are a few of the pics! I will be blogging in more detail on my own blog shortly.

Elizabeth took some pictures of me outside so she could do a "style profile" on her fashion blog, Style Picnic. She has a lot of cute ideas on there. You might even like some of them, mom!

On Thursday I got a haircut and highlights. My Bishop's daughter is working at a new salon and had to put together a portfolio . She went to the same hair school that I used to go to for haircuts when I lived in Provo! Small world. My point is that the haircut was free because she's doing her portfolio and the highlights were only $20. Too bad I can't get that deal every time! Here are some lame pics I took of myself. I can't really tell you I got a haircut and not show you, that'd be dumb.

Okay bye!


Marti said...

Nice cut and color. What a deal, too. Thanks for sharing the pics. (Wish I could get a deal like that. A cut & color are on my top-five-list-of-things-to-do this up-coming spring break.)

Glad you had a good time with Elizabeth and family, too. Fun pictures, and the bonus of having someone else taking them is that we get to see more of YOU! And that is always a good thing!

Carrie said...


You are SO beautiful! I love all the pics but my two favorite are of you outside in the sunshine and the one of you sitting at the table. I heart you!