Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another visitor!

I thought you would all want to see the second scorpion to grace my home! It was last Thursday before leaving to get my hair cut. I walked into the kitchen barefoot to get my dinner out of the microwave and saw something scurrying across the floor! I ran to put my shoes on and when I came back it was going behind the fridge!

I couldn't leave the house with a scorpion behind the fridge! Who knows where it would be when I came home? Still behind the fridge? In the shower? In my BED? Fortunately it came back out again and I smooshed it with my feets.

Then I videotaped it squirming.

Then I smooshed it again.
Then I vacuumed it up with the vacuum hose.
Then I emptied the contents of the vacuum into the garbage.
Then I took the garbage to the dumpster outside.

Safe again!


Marti said...

Hey, you're getting pretty good at this, like it or not. Was it a little less tramatic this time?

Cameron said...

I thought scorpions were only a rock group....=)